Miau ID

Workshop exploring networks through embroidery whilst playing cats!

In this hybrid IRL/URL embroidery session at Control Shift Festival, feline creatures of the internet gathered to decide upon a network structure that’s good for every cat! We played as cats and addressed each other via different rules. On our agenda were three different network types: Centralized, Decentralized and Distributed. The aim was to find out about network ‘purrtocols’ (protocols) together online, through the act of sewing and MIAU(meow)-ing as a group!

Miau ID is an embroidery game by MELT (Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr) and based on the workshop Code, Layers, Infrastructures originally convened by Loren Britton, Kamran Behrouz, Isabel Paehr and Jörn Röder.

A white person's hand is embroidering blue yarn on a fabric that features small illustrations of cat faces. Each cat face has a number next to it and some cats are already connected via stitched yarn lines. A photo shows yarn in the colors blue, yellow and red lying on top of a small brown envolope with the word "sewing" written on it. Behind it is a paper with printed game rules and an embroidery hoop with a fabric featuring cat faces. Lines of yarn connect the cats on the fabric.
Photos: Control Shift Festival