LoFi Augmented Reality

Talk at Enthusiasticon 2019

On the 25th of May, I gave a lightning talk about lo-fi AR at EnthustiastiCon, a conference that celebrates programming. To use the organizer’s words, the conference is about ‘the strange, the wonderful, and the clever solutions to unusual problems’.

I built DIY perception modifiers that open AR to multi species visions by using Raspberry Pis, Web VR, smartphones and spiders. When binocular human vision isn’t the default, current definitions of Augmented Reality can be challenged and extended. Applications range from full body suits and small python scripts to custom shaders in the game engine Unity. Through this contribution, I hope to share some of the excitements and possibilities lo-fi Augmented Reality offers and how you can get started.

images of me prototyping: arranging webcams, wearing them on my body, programming the vision modification

the script on the raspberry Pi and the script in HTML

three photos of how the work was presented in an exhibition